Bail Bond Money is Forfeited When Defendants No Show

Thousands of dollars worth of bail bonds are forfeited every year in Bexar County due to Defendants failing to appear in court. Most of the time when bond money is revoked, its because people didn’t show up to court. Foerfeiting money posted as bond is a real risk for defendants, their families, and the bail bond companies that front them the money.

How bonds work

•A judge determines bond amounts based on three criteria: whether the person is a danger to the community, whether they are a flight risk, and whether they pose a threat to the victim.

•Once the amount it settled on, a judge will make it cash-only or cash or surety. Cash-only are just that. They can be paid only in cash or by cashier check. Surety means a defendant can pay a bail bond company 10 percent to get out.

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